Here you will find my body of academic work. I strive to make everything open access. In the cases where that is impossible, I provide a preprint version of the paper, though I encourage you to download it through official channels too.

Journal peer reviewed

Graham Dove, Sille Julie Abildgaard, Michael Mose Biskjaer, Nicolai Brodersen Hansen, Bo T. Christensen, and Kim Halskov. 2018. Grouping notes through nodes: The functions of Post-It notes in design team cognition. Design Studies 57, (July 2018), 112–134. DOI:

Lars Bo Andersen, Peter Danholt, Kim Halskov, Nicolai Brodersen Hansen, and Peter Lauritsen. 2015. Participation as a matter of concern in participatory design. CoDesign (2015). DOI:

Kim Halskov and Nicolai Brodersen Hansen. 2015. The diversity of participatory design research practice at PDC 2002–2012. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 74, (2015), 81–92. DOI:

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